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Frequently Asked Questions

ChowTime has a built-in setup tutorial and in-app help system to guide you through the process. If you need assistance, just give us a call and we will give you a hand. Generally, it takes an hour to configure the app for a restaurant with a moderately complex seating chart.

The standalone version of ChowTime includes all functionality other than online reservations, cloud-based paging and multi-device functionality.

There are NO hidden costs. The $49 per month subscription fee includes online reservations, unlimited SMS paging, and automatic cloud backup for one device.

When your wi-fi is down, the app will not be able to receive new online reservations until your Internet service has been restored, but it will otherwise function normally. The app can even be restarted without an Internet connection.

Yes. Server mode enables multiple copies of ChowTime running on the same Wi-Fi network to access the data stored on your master device. And if you are away from your restaurant, you can view your reservation book from any mobile calendar, and access your full account with a web browser.

ChowTime gives you complete control over your online reservation offerings and allows you to easily add or block online reservation slots at any time. During setup, the Sheet Wizard automatically creates optimized reservation sheets based on your actual seating capacity.

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